Cosmelan Treatment Process

The Cosmelan depigmentation treatment is known for its great results! Many mesoestetic product reviews note a reduction in brown spots, acne scars, and melasma symptoms. For this reason, dermatologist and spas are offering this service to their clients. The Cosmelan treatment pack includes a variety of skin care products.

cosmelan treatment pack

cosmelan treatment pack

Skin Care for Hyperpigmentation

In order to treat discoloration of the skin, the treatment begins at with a dermatologist who will apply Cosmelan 1. This includes a degreasing solution, Cosmelan 1, and the Hydra Vital Factor K Cream. The process continues at home with the Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream.

Benefits of Cosmelan Results

The benefits of Cosmelan are brighter skin and depigmentation. Since Cosmelan is a facial peel, users will notice some peeling and redness. However, the redness only last a couple of days and skin brightening results such will appear between 4-6 weeks.

Where Can I Buy Cosmelan Online?

Though first step of the Cosmelan 1 treatment must be done by a dermatologist, Cosmelan 2 can be done at home for depigmentation maintenance. If a user is unable to buy the skin care treatment at the dermatologist office, anyone can buy Cosmelan online on the Dermalogistics website. Click here to buy Cosmelan online.

How Much Does Cosmelan Cost?

The price of Cosmelan is $180.00 on the Dermalogistics website. Click here to order Cosmelan online.


Cosmelan Review: Product for Depigmentation

Cosmelan has been very effective in removing brown spots on my skin. A couple of years ago, I began to notice sun spots on my face. At first I did not do anything about it because I thought they would go away, but little-by-little they got worse so I went to my dermatologist who recommended Cosmelan 2 as a depigmentation treatment at home.

buy cosmelan online

After the professional Cosmelan 1 treatment at my dermatologist office, Cosmelan 2 is a cream that I used to treat brown spots and my results were overall brighter skin. When I first started to use it, the exfoliation process cause my skin to peel, but after only 1 week, my results were clear and bright skin. In order for the redness and peeling to decrease, I also used the Hydravital factor K, which helped sooth and hydrate my skin in order to minimize such side effects.

Even though the professional treatment can only be done by an aesthetic professional, Cosmelan 2 is the at home depigmentation product that anyone can buy online! This has been very convenient for me as the product is delivered straight to my house so I don´t have the hassle of going to my dermatologist office to purchase it.

Unfortunately, only skin care professionals can buy the Cosmelan 1 pack. However, Cosmelan 2 is available for anyone for at home skin care and you can also buy Cosmelan or mesoestetic skin care products online from anywhere in the United States.

Cosmelan is effective for the following effects of hyperpigmentation:

Brown spots
• Facial blemishes
• Excessive pigmentation
• Melasma
• Cholasma
• Acne scars

My Cosmelan results were amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone – it is even a great depigmentation product for Asian or Middle-Eastern skin types. It is a great alternative to whitening creams because it is healthier for the skin and achieves a more natural look.