Skin Care Tips for Fall

Fall season means cooler weather, which affects the skin in different ways from warm weather. So in addition to changing your wardrobe for this season, consider also changing your skin care regimen and products.

Screenshot_87Though sunscreen should be used for every season, skin care for Fall needs an increase in moisturizers to help protect the skin. Other tips include:

  • For dry skin types, it’s a good time to switch to a hydrating option. For more oil-rich skin types, you can likely continue with your summer cleanser in the P.M., but may want to switch to a lighter cleanser in the A.M.
  • Use products with Vitamin C. When applied topically as a serum, it creates a beautiful glow and also helps brighten the skin. Best used in the morning, vitamin C also helps fend off free radicals in the environment that may otherwise cause damage to your skin.
  • One good option would be to put moisture back into the air. A humidifying system can help your skin remain supple. You can buy a system from your local drug store.
  • This will help protect your skin from moisture loss. Choose one that comes in an ointment form as it will contain 80% oil. Creams and lotions may tend to dry out the skin rather than keep it moisturized and soft. I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. When you say This will help protect your skin from moisture loss I’m assuming you are talking about the humidifier but then you mention an ointment.

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